Black amps

Roaring like a fighter-jet engine, the "BLACK" is by far the most brutal amp in our product range.
If you're demanding articulate crushing tone, tons and tons of gain, super fast attack, tight bass respons and ultra fat mids this is your weapon of choice....

18 Watt (6V6)   EUR 1.649,-
50 Watt (6CA7) EUR 1.799,-


Honoring the legendary Roisin Dubh

Versatile classic rock amplifier

The Black Rose is the ultimate blend of SLO overdrive and vintage Plexi tone. The Black Rose shares the brutal force and endless sustain with the iconic American but with better dynamic response and less compression. 

Handwired craftsmanship

The Black Rose is 95% handwired. For some components, the best quality is only available for PCB mounting. Therefore approximately 5% is constructed of FR4 thick layer pcb.