Plexi inspired amplifiers

When in the late 70’s a Dutch-born guitar prodigy erupted plexi fueled flames into the world, I was only 6 years old, having no clue at all of the event of rock being changed forever. My first memory about this revolution was kids talking about this Dutch born guitar hero who was able to produce animal noises with his guitar and I thought: Wow is that really true?! And he’s Dutch!! It has always stuck with me somehow, it must have been around 1984…

A few years later, about half a year before Holland won the European championship football in 1988, some neighborhood kids introduced me to this insane guitar solo from 1978. I was totally blown away by it, listening to it over and over again and it eventually turned out to be one of the main triggers for me to pick up the electric guitar.

Like countless fellow guitar players around the globe I have been pursuing that magical tone my entire musical life and at some point it became obvious I had to make this 1984 amp become true.

The 1984 is more than just another plexi inspired tube amp, it is in fact a time machine. Fair warning: ones you turn it on it is impossible to turn it off!

Enjoy the 80's......

Aryjan Kool

18 Watt Head: EUR 1.799,-
50 Watt Head: EUR 1.949,-

18 Watt Combo: EUR 1.999,-
50 Watt Combo: EUR 2.149,-

Cultivated 68' Plexi tone by Kool & Elfring

We have always been a big fan of the Plexi amps and it’s phenomenal three dimensional rich and open sounds. It took us almost 2 years of intensive research to discover the secrets behind the magical tones of this legendary amp. Thanks to some dear friends in the music industry we could compare our versions (and there where many!!!) with some awesome original JMP’s.

Growling smooth like a straight 8 engine...

Beside the original plexi tones the Straight8 offers a second, hotrodded channel: the ultimate Plexi overdrive. The beauty of this channel is that it's got the Plexi-vibe all over it. It's ultra dymamic and even with the gain at 11 it still cleans up nicely.

Beefed up vintage tone & modern features

Like all K&E amps the Straight8 is very is easy to use due to its convenient single-row-chicken head-knob control panel. It takes just one glance to check your settings and you're ready to burn. Everything fits in a sexy, road-ready, convenient 50x25x25cm head. Furthermore it has some modern features and inovations like a foot-switchable ‘true bypass’ effects loop and double SVC ''Seamless Volume Control'' system that lets you to play at high and low wattage and boost your solo’s.

Write history!

The Straight8 is the ultimate hardrock tool and an oasis of inspiration for new music. We left no stone unturned when designing and building this rock machine, now it’s up to you to write new history...

18 Watt: EUR 1.549,-
50 Watt: EUR 1.699,-