About us

Kool Amplification is Holland's foremost guitar amp company located 35 km north of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. It started in 2007 as Kool & Elfring and is now privately owned by amp designer Aryjan Kool.

Passionate about tone
Our amps are made to inspire and have a truly unique character and feel, a delicate blend of the perfect organic gain-structure, ‘punching’ frequency response, dynamic response, sustain and definition.

Maximum tone, minimum ‘bells and whistles’
All our products are slimmed down to what you really need: Amazing tone, easy to use with features that are truly beneficial to your music.

No compromise on tone and quality
Kool Amplification is all about creating the most brilliant sounding, most durable and user-friendly tone machines on the planet. To achieve extraordinary high quality we do not leave anything to chance. We design our products without deadlines and budget limits. We combine state-of-the-art technology with old-world-craftsmanship using the best components and the finest materials available. Every Kool Amplification product is built in our own custom shop, right here in the Netherlands.

Beauty comes from within
All Kool Amplification products use "custom designed / made in UK" transformers, “Long life", "low noise", "tight tolerance”, "military grade" components.

We believe durability is the key to sustainability. Therefore our products are extremely low maintenance and designed and built to last a lifetime. Furthermore we use *FSC certified wood, **RoHS compliant materials and production methods combined with a strict waste-management.