Black Rose
Honoring the legendary Roisin DubhVersatile classic rock amplifierThe Black Rose is the ultimate blend of SLO overdrive and vintage Plexi tone. The Black Rose shares the brutal force and endless sustain with the iconic American but with better dynamic response and less compression. Handwired craftsmanshipThe Black Rose is 95% handwired. For some components, the best quality is only available ... Read more
About us
Kool Amplification is Holland’s foremost guitar amp company, located 35 km north of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Amp-designer and guitarist Aryjan Kool has been tweaking amplifiers and electric guitars since the early nineties. His passion for the electric guitar and tube amps resulted in the establishment of Kool Amplification in 2007. Ever since its foundation, the company’s reputation has been... Read more
Andy Ball (UK) Daley (UK) Fuge (UK) - Swansea Guitar Lessons tutorJimmy Owen (UK) - LETHBRIDGE OWENTim Mills (UK) - Iced Earth, Elkie Brooks, Civilization-One, owner of Bare Knuckle PickupsRobert Peach (UK)Michael Pagaard (DK) - T-rex pedalsJB Meijers - Common Linnets, Ilse de Lange, De Dijk, Fatal FlowersErwin ... Read more
Straight 8
Cultivated 68' Plexi tone by Kool & Elfring We have always been a big fan of the Plexi amps and it’s phenomenal three dimensional rich and open sounds. It took us almost 2 years of intensive research to discover the secrets behind the magical tones of this legendary amp. Thanks to some dear friends in the music industry we could compare our versions (and there where many!!!) with some a... Read more
NetherlandsKaj's Guitar Store - EnschedeSpanjaard - AlkmaarThe Guitar Factory - OssTFOA - Dedemsvaart Guitarking - BoekelBelgiumOmega - MonsGermanyMusik Oevermann - Minden / HamelnLKG Guitars - Gladenbach United KingdomUK representative: Leigh FugeEmail: leigh@koolamplification.comPhone number: (+44) 7412301647SwedenTheseGoTo11 - StockholmNorwayFalck Musikk - Trondheim ... Read more
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EuropeEmail: sales@koolamplification.comTel: +31 (0)6 16425172Kool & Elfring AmplificationEgmond aan den HoefThe NetherlandsUKUK representative: Leigh FugeEmail: leigh@koolamplification.comPhone number: (+44) 7412301647... Read more
1 x 12 inch Cabinets
2 x 12 inch Cabinets
4 x 12 inch Cabinets
Home of real tone
   ... Read more
Super 7
Named after the 'Super7 crystal' also known as the 'Melody's Stone'. It is believed that the Super7 provides an access corridor to the subconscious mind and awaken the soul to its divine magnificence... Super fat sounding classic rock amplifier Based on the acclaimed Kool & Elfring 'Black Rose' amplifier, the Super7 is the ultimate blend of SLO American overdrive and vintage Plexi tone in a ... Read more
...from sparkling clean to vintage hot, the ACE aces any vintage style amp on the planet....Vintage tone chameleonThe ACE full tube amplifier is the perfect blend of the 59' Bassmann and the 62' JTM45. Just like its predecessors this amplifier is super dynamic and responds very well to your playing and the volume-knob of your guitar. The ACE was designed to take pedals and loves boosts, ... Read more
Vintage closed back 1x12 inch cabinet
Vintage light weight closed back 1x12 inch cabinetPunchy bottom end, warm midrange and smooth highs. Big, fat, warm vintage tone in a convenient portable light weight 1x12 package.... Read more
Ace Boost Pedal MKIII
The Ace Boost MKIII Pedal is an all tube boost pedal which means it pushes the first gain stages of your tube amplifier into saturation. Lower gainsettings add beautifull harmonics to clean sounds, warming up sound nicely. Medium gain settings will result in some real tasty crunch-tones. Turning it up further an the sound changes into full blown, open, harmonically rich, 3d lead tones.Application... Read more
Gitarist Magazine  - Marvell  Een nieuw wonder... De Marvell is een echte rockversterker in de brede zin van het woord. Waar het eerste kanaal classic rock schreeuwt, met als extra mogelijkheid het geluid in te kleuren met je eigen favoriete pedalen, is het tweede kanaal geschikt voor de meeste moderne rockstijlen.Gitarist 349, april 2020 Lees verder... Gitarist Magazine &... Read more
Light Weight 2x12 Cabinet
Huge power-handling fat midrange, tight low-end and sweet and smooth highs. Big, fat tone and lots of punch.... Read more
4x12 inch cabinet with Celestion G12M65-Creamback + Celestion G12H75-Creamback
For tighter, more focussed low-end response with an emphasis on attack and more pronounced midrange.Price: EUR 1.049,-... Read more
 ... Read more
Light weight 2x12 Cabinet with Open Back
Light weight 2x12 Cabinet with Open BackHuge low end, warm midrange and smooth sparkling highs. Big, fat, warm vintage tone in a convenient portable light weight 2x12 package.... Read more
Blue Sky
The Blue Sky is a single channel 6L6 fuelled amplifier. It is specially designed for those guitar players that shape their sounds with pedals. It follows the characteristics of your pedals like no other amp. Warm, lush 6L6 tone and full tube reverb completes the magic.The Blue Sky is very-easy-to-use. Unlike any other 'clean' amplifier it is super dynamic and responds very well to your playing. Fa... Read more
The 70's varriac Brown Sound PlexiIn the late 70’s the stars aligned when a young Dutch-born guitar prodigy and his brown sounding plexi conquired the world. Although word has it that a standard late 60's Plexi was used we found out  through extensive research that this is not entirely the case. Throughout the circuit there are many variations of componentes that have a huge effect on the ton... Read more
Vintage open back 1x12 Cabinet
Vintage light weight open back 1x12 cabinetHuge low end, pronounced midrange and smooth sparkling highs.Vintage BIG M tone in a tiny package. Perfect match for the 1984, Straight8 and ACE amplifiers.... Read more
Roaring like a fighter-jet engineThe "BLACK" is by far the most brutal amp in our product range. If you're demanding articulate crushing tone, tons and tons of gain, superfast attack, tight bass response and ultra fat mids this is your weapon of choice…This product is obsolete... Read more
Celebrating 11 years of Kool Amplification we thought it would be super kool to go back to our roots. Taking our own awesome sounding, original 70's Plexi as a starting point. Keeping things simple but upgrading it with our acclaimed "double Loud & Louder" attanuator system to make it more versatile. And adding just a notch of everything to make it go to 11!What more do you need than that... Read more
Kool Speaker cable 1 meter
The perfect cable to connect your amp and cabinet. The most cost effective and easy way to upgrade your tone!... Read more
1 button footswitch for:  11 , Blue Sky Reverb, ACE Standard 2015 - 2018 version 2 button footswitch for: ACE 2019 version 3 button footswitch for : 1984, BLACK, ACE Deluxe 2015 - 2018 version... Read more
Protective "padded" covers featuring protective layer and high quality cloth. Made in the UK... Read more
Head Cover
Combo Cover
XOsn112 Cover
XOsn212 Cover
XLsn212 Cover
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All defined terms used below shall have the meanings set forth in our Terms and Conditions.  Returns Once an item of merchandise is delivered to you, you can return that item within 14 days of delivery. To be eligible for a return, your merchandise must be in the same condition that you received it and must be in the original packaging.  Shipping To initiate a return, please ema... Read more
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The hot modded Marvell
The hot modded Marvell Contemporary plexi tone from ultra clean to ultra hot. Featuring ultra wide gain range, super tight low-end, fast attack, big fat plexi mids and endless sustain.... Read more
Mini Combo Cover
Dark Matter
This product is out of production and replaced by de Marvell Deluxe amplifier: the end of 2020 we had the luminous idea to design an ultra high gain overdrive style version of the already quite hot rodded Marvell. Therefore we added an extra gain-stage to the Marvell circuit and a modified feedback circuit with the addition of a... Read more
Vertical 2x12 Cabinet with Open Back
Vertical 2x12 Cabinet with Open BackHuge low end, pronounced midrange and smooth sparkling highs. Big, fat, vintage tone in a vertical oriented portable light weight 2x12 package. ... Read more
V212 Cover
Marvell Deluxe
The Marvell Deluxe is the culmination of 20 years of relentless tone chasing and high end tube amp design. The result is one of the most versatile, tonefull high end tube amplifier to date. Technically the Marvell Deluxe is three of Kool Amplification's most beloved masterpieces combined, all in one tiny, sturdy small box: Channel 1: AceChannel 2: MarvellChannel 3: Dark Matter... Read more